On Fri 11 Apr 2008, sri vasulu wrote:
> for the first i am trying to use rsync to copy files from remote server to
> local machine.
> i am using the rsync version 3.0.1 protocol version 30 on local machine.
> remote server is using rsync version 2.6.3 protocol version 28.
> i read on web that to copy files from remote server we need to update
> username&password in the file
> secrets file = /etc/rsyncd.scrt ,but this file is not available on my etc
> directory.

Only use a secrets file if you want it. Without it, there is no password
check. Also, that secrets file = line is only relevant if you're running
an rsync daemon. If you're using rsync over ssh (as you seem to be
trying), then forget about rsyncd.conf.

> Actually i am using the following command to copy files from remote server
> to local machine.
> *$ rsync -v -e ssh jerry@openbsd.nixcraft.in:~/webroot.txt /tmp*
> **
> after executing the above command I am getting the following error.
> *================================================= =============*
> *ssh: openbsd.nixcraft.in: no address associated with name

That means that ssh cannot resolve the hostname given.
Nothing *at* *all* to do with rsync!
First make sure you can login to that host
with plain ssh before trying to run rsync to it.

Paul Slootman
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