On Apr 8, 2008, Paul Slootman (nospam-paul+rsync@wurtel.net.ns) typed:

Paul: On Mon 07 Apr 2008, S.A. Birl wrote:
Paul: > On Apr 7, 2008, Paul Slootman (nospam-paul+rsync@wurtel.net.ns) typed:
Paul: >
Paul: > Paul: On Mon 07 Apr 2008, S.A. Birl wrote:
Paul: > Paul: >
Paul: > Paul: > Server is running rsync 2.6.1 on RH
Paul: > Paul: > Client is running rsync 2.6.3 on Cygwin (Win2003)
Paul: > Paul: >
Paul: > Paul: > When I connect client to server, I get kicked out after SSH
Paul: > Paul: > authentication. I can manually ssh into the server with no problems.
Paul: > Paul:
Paul: > Paul: Is the server running an rsync daemon? If so, why the ssh?
Paul: >
Paul: > Well, unless I misunderstood the man page, I thought I *had* to have
Paul: > another protocol (ssh, ftp, etc) for the rsync daemon.
Paul: You generally run rsync over ssh, with the following syntax:
Paul: rsync [options] srcdir remotehost:destdir (pushing to remote host)
Paul: rsync [options] remotehost:srcdir destdir (pulling from remote host)
Paul: You can also run a daemon on a host, in which case you can let rsync
Paul: talk directly to the remote rsync daemon, without ssh:
Paul: rsync [options] srcdir remotehost::modulename
Paul: rsync [options] remotehost::modulename destdir
Paul: Note the double colon instead of a single colon; alternatively:
Paul: rsync [options] srcdir rsync://remotehost/modulename
Paul: etc.
Paul: The modulename can have a subdirectory appended, or a file, etc.

Ah, much better!

Paul: > One less protocol would be good. How will that affect authentication?
Paul: Read the manpage for rsyncd.conf and search for "secrets file".

Will do.

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Paul: As mailing lists are open to the entire world eg. via online archives,
Paul: the intended recipient is "the world", so what's the point...
Paul: If such a footer is forced by your organization, consider getting a
Paul: gmail account for mailing lists, it's also very useful for searching.

Not forced. Just kept forgetting to remove it.

Thanks for everything.
S.A. Birl
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