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------- Comment #1 from 2008-04-01 21:26 CST -------
Rsync doesn't currently support the weeding out of unwanted xattr names except
in very limited circumstances: if it is running as a non-root user (or with
--no-super), then all non user.* names are skipped. If you're backing up data,
you can use --fake-super, which stores all non user.* attributes as specially
encoded user.* attributes (using user.rsync.* names). If you're not backing up
data, rsync currently only allows you to transfer non-user xattr data between
compatible systems.

No conversion of the xattr values is supported (nor likely ever to be
supported). I'm not sure how compatible se-linux xattr items are across
systems, but if they are not portible, there is little that rsync can do about
it. (It can be used to backup the attributes, but not help you make them work
on another system.)

See bug 4573 for the enhancement request to allow xattr names to be filtered.

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