Hi All,
I am trying to help my friend set up his rsync with iconv. Presently =20=

it works fine but re-copies every file with an umlaute in the =20
filename. I saw a recent post about this and the fix but...

he ran "locale" ( both source and dest are on same machine) and is =20
running on a German-Swiss locale

xserve-backup-02:/Volumes/Backup RAID 8TB teleclub$ locale

we tried adding option iconv=3DC and iconv=3DC,C but no luck - it still =
re-copies very file with an umlaute.

I checked "iconv --list" on my Mac and see no "C" listed. I am not =20
sure if "C" is correct either.


The correct file name would be "Action des Monats f=FCr vertonung.mov" =20=

and not "Action des Monats f\#303\#274r vertonung.mov"

but the log shows it not translated:

/Volumes/SAN_Video/Final Cut Pro Documents/Capture Scratch/Action des =20=

Monats/! Render/Action des Monats f\#303\#274r vertonung.mov
32768 0% 344.09kB/s 0:54:11
42205184 3% 40.25MB/s 0:00:26

Though the actual file name gets copied correctly to dest, obviously =20
the mapping (if that is what it is called) is different causing rsync =20=

to update the file every time.

Any thoughts or direction appreciated. Thanks, Rob D

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