Tomasz Chmielewski schrieb:
> Windows systems have a great "feature" - even administrators can't
> access files for which they don't have permissions (I'm not talking
> about files exclusively opened, which is something else).
> To read files which are normally inaccessible because of insufficient
> permissions, Windows administrator can use Windows backup API.
> Unfortunately, rsync Windows port doesn't seem to use this feature.
> There was a similar thread about it 4 years ago - did anything change in
> rsync from this time?

I asked at Cygwin mailing list, and I'm glad to know that this issue is
fixed in the recent snapshots of Cygwin: just replace your cygwin1.dll
library with a recent snapshot from and
rsync on Windows will be able to open the files where Administrator is
not allowed to.

See the whole thread here:


Tomasz Chmielewski
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