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On Sun, 2008-03-30 19:39:12 +0100, Joao Miguel Ferreira eira@gmail.com> wrote:
> right now we use a 'greedy approach'... we stop all important services
> (dhcpd, squid, sendmail, etc) just to minimize the possibility of copying=

> the backup a file that was being written.
> Could we be over doing it ? Are we exagerating ?

I don't think that rsync could do that, but there are chances...

Some years ago, I hacked a small preload library to wrap all the usual
file-changing syscalls and replicating them over the net to a
different box. That box doesn't have anything running except the
data-accepting daemon matching that preload lib.

Unfortunately, that lib got lost (commercially written) and wasn't
ever ment to be open-sourced. However, the idea is there and it wasn't
all that hard to implement it.

Maybe a better aproach would be to just omit the receiving daemon and
use the NFS protocol instead. Maybe using FUSE these days instead of a
preload lib would also be a nice imprevement...


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