i installed rsync 3.0 on a Sun Solaris 10 Sparc Server and tried to
Backup the Server via BackupPC

the complete rsync command from the backup server is this:

/usr/bin/ssh -q -x -l root IP /usr/bin/rsync --numeric-ids --perms
--owner --group -D --links --hard-links --times --block-size=2048
--recursive --checksum-seed=32761 --log-file=/var/log/rsync.log
--ignore-times . /

in the log on the sun i see this:

2008/03/28 16:35:46 [5573] rsync: writefd_unbuffered failed to write 4
bytes [sender]: Broken pipe (32)
2008/03/28 16:35:46 [5573] rsync error: errors with program diagnostics
(code 13) at log.c(236) [sender=3.0.0]

its the same rsync command that we use on our other Server and it works

i found many Threads via google but nothing that helped me.

I hope i can get help here

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