On 28 Mar, 2008, at 08:36 , Nathan Griffiths wrote:
> on the intel server, rsync constantly attempts to overwrite the
> source files (& has succeeded!), with empty directories. it simpply
> deleted the source directory. once it overwrote it with old files
> from a previous backup.
> 2 things i can't understand: A) --delete is NOT being used as an
> option. B) the script is identical on both, the only differences
> being the source & destination variables - yet they behave
> completely differently.

delete is not being used but below you use --exclude-from and --delete-
Also, the script is the same but the EXCLUDES content is not

> BAK_PATH="/Volumes/REM Backup/RsyncBackups/REM"
> LINK_DEST="/Volumes/REM Backup/RsyncBackups/REM/Daily/
> PreviousBackups1"
> EXCLUDES=/Library/Scripts/rsync/exclude.txt

Argh, a space in a path. I tend to avoid that in any argument I use in
scripts. Apple has been bitten by that several years ago with
thousands of users losing their files for an update... (iTunes IIRC)

> ### rsync options ###
> OPTS="-Eapztc --links --ignore-errors --exclude-from=$EXCLUDES --
> delete-excluded --link-dest=$LINK_DEST"

besides, you define PATH. Why don't you instead specify the full path
of all commands? Much safer.

No idea why --dry-run would not work. Are you sure it is not your rm -
rf that deletes stuff?

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