On Thu, 27 Mar 2008, Reeve Yang wrote:
> Does "bwlimit" option really work on rsync locally?

Yes, it does.

> rsync without --bwlimit:
>> iostat; rsync -a -r --stats swapfile swapfile.rsync; iostat

> sent 2147745923 bytes received 42 bytes 23472633.50 bytes/sec

> rysnc with --bwlimit:
>> iostat && rsync -a -r --stats --bwlimit=2500 swapfile swapfile.rsync && iostat

> sent 2147745923 bytes received 42 bytes 2543216.06 bytes/sec

Notice that the second rsync "bytes/sec" was a factor of 10 smaller
than the first one and was, indeed, approximately 2500 kBps.

If it isn't having the effect you want, keep lowering the bwlimit
value until you get the desired results.


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