Summary: SELinux extended attributes incompatibility: Linux
kernel 2.6.9 and 2.6.18
Product: rsync
Version: 3.0.0
Platform: x64
OS/Version: Linux
Status: NEW
Severity: major
Priority: P3
Component: core

"rsync --xattrs" cannot transfer SELinux extended file attributes when rsyncing
files between x64 (Intel Xeon) systems running different versions of the Linux
kernel -- e.g. source system running kernel 2.6.9, destination system running

Reproduce by:

# rsync --xattrs -zva -e ssh /root/mydir/ remote:/root/mydir
receiving incremental file list
created directory /root/mydir
rsync: rsync_xal_set: lsetxattr(".","security.selinux") failed: Invalid
argument (22)


It's possible that the "lsetxattr" failure is caused by a fundamental change in
the file system data structures implementing extended SELinux file attributes
between Linux kernels 2.6.9 and 2.6.18

On the other hand, it might also be possible that the SELinux structures are
actually compatible, and that the above error is just caused by some
unsanitized parameter used in some function call...

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