We have an issue with checksum-based rsync not working. The situation
is that we are rsyncing out files uploaded via a Samba share. Samba
(like Windows) reserves the entire filesize for a file when it starts
uploading. So if an rsync runs while the file is still uploading in
Samba, it syncs a right-sized/timed but wrong-content file. Running
rsync with checksum after the Samba upload completes should then clean
it up, but it's not doing it for us. If we manually cksum the files
they show as different, however.

We're seeing this on Solaris 8 -> Red Hat 3 using 2.6.8 (the systems
were using 2.5.5. and 2.5.7 but we tried the same thing with 2.6.8 and
got the same thing).

Any ideas?