I'm looking for the fastest way to copy between two linux boxes. I
don't care about encryption or security, this is all on one LAN. I
have gigabit on both machines going through a gigabit switch.

Currently I've created the public/private key pairs on each machine so
root can login without a password, etc..., I don't think I really want
this because I think the ssh compression is slowing things down. My
main goal is speed and I also appreciate the fact that rsync can pick
up where it left off. I also like keeping all the permissions, user
info, and timestamps.

I'm running the following command from machine A to push over it's data
to machine B.

rsync -avP --stats /home/

I'm getting a throughput of around 2.0 MB/s.

However isn't this the correct calculation for gigabit speed.

1000 Mb/s * 1B/8b = 125 MB/s.

I tried a simple ftp of a large file and, i.e. no encryption, but still
only got 4 MB/s throughput. Any ideas of what I can do to speed things
up. I also tried the transfer using just an rsync server, so I assumed
that it wasn't using ssh, could be wrong here. However that gave me
pretty much the same throughput. One machine is running Fedora Core 3
and the other is Fedora Core 4