I am currently using rsync to back up files from a RedHat 7.2 server
and a snap server 18000 using samba to mount the snap server to a
mountpoint on the RedHat system. The command I use to start the rsync

rsync -atuv --delete /root/ /backups/ECE/workstation/root

Now, in root, files do not change that much, so after performing the
initial rsync (less than a minute), I did another rsync using the same
command, thinking that the -u (update only) option would give me just a

A summary is what I experience if no files have changed and I'm doing a
copy from one partition to another on the same OS, or via ssh to
another system with the same OS.

All of the files were copied over the originals. The verbose option
showed all files being copied. The 'wrote xxxxxx bytes' remained the
same through several repeats of the command.

I am not sure if I'm doing anything wrong, or if anyone else has
experienced this using a snap server.

This is apparently why my workstation consistently takes 9 hours (big
partitions) every night to back up, even though the 'update' option is

Any help or insight would be appreciated. We only recently got the snap
server, and before that I was using another RedHat 9 server with
logical volumes to back up to. I had no problems with that setup.