Summary: Multiple source to dest transfers in one invocation (to
same host)
Product: rsync
Version: 2.6.6
Platform: All
OS/Version: Linux
Status: NEW
Severity: enhancement
Priority: P3
Component: core

At the moment I might run two rsync commands:

% rsync file1 remotehost:/a/
% rsync file2 file3 remotehost:/b/

This means making two connections to remotehost. If I wanted to copy all the
files to the same directory on remotehost then of course I'd write a single
rsync command, and this would be faster. But if they are going to different
directories then I must invoke rsync twice, even though it's the same
destination host.

It would be nice (especially when copying to remote sites with high network
latency) to have a single rsync command do multiple copies, even if you don't
want a single destination directory on the remote host. I would suggest some
syntax like

% rsync --to remotehost:/a/ file1 --to remotehost:/b/ file2 file3

rsync would connect once to remotehost and then transfer file1, file2 and file3
to the appropriate places.

I have seen feature requests to make rsync copy the same file to several
different hosts, and I've looked at batch mode in the documentation, but I think
this feature request is different.

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