Well, I need the procedure or how to do a full backup of archives to a
directory. Then, do incremental backups in different directories.

For example:
source-dir to dest-dir a full backup.
incremental of sources-dir and differential of backup-dir in `date +%m%h%y`

Then, i should have a full backup in the dest-dir and
incremental+diferential backup in every $DATE directory.

Any ideas?

I try this and it work on local files:
rsync -pravuzgot /etc/* /root/full-backup
rsync -av --link-dest=3D/root/full-backup/ /etc/ /root/incremental/

Then, i have in the "incremental" directory symlinks to every file,
becouse they aren't modified.

When i try this over ssh, it copies everything again in the
incremental directory.
rsync -pravuzgot host:/etc/* /root/full-backup
rsync -av --link-dest=3D/root/full-backup/ host:/etc/ /root/incremental/

Tnxs in advance

Lautaro Ezequiel Di Martino
Administrador de Servidores
GNU/Linux - Software Libre
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