im not a backup expert, but i think that incremental backup may help you:

or try google "rsync incremental backup"


>Hi all,
>I'm setting a script to backup my system using rsync. After reading the
>manual and googling the web a lot I'm wondering how rsync can protect my
>data from any potential corruption of the source HD.
>Suppose that a file on the source HD has been corrupted (because of a
>device failure), how can I avoid that the corrupted version of the file
>will override the backup version already present on the backup HD? Can the
>--checksum option be used for this purpose even if I'm doing a local
>Any other suggestion or backup strategy are also wellcome. (Obviously I
>know that backup strategies can be very complex, but what I'm looking for
>here is a fairly good solution for a home-based system).
> Andrea.
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