I'm sure what I'm trying to achieve is remarkably easy, but I just can't
figure it out. What I want to do is to copy all directories named lib (and
their contents) over to a local drive. It's currently a pull operation, but
I could set it up as a push.

I've read the man page twice, looked at the FAQ, examples and searched on
google but no joy.

My command looks like the following:

$RSYNC -vv --dry-run -a --rsync-path=$RSYNC --exclude-from=copy_control
:/apps/IRDtools/pkgs /apps/IRDtools/pkgs

copy_control looks like this:

+ lib/
- *

This exludes everything as the parent directories are not matched so I've
also tried:

+ */
+ lib/
- *

But this copies a load of directories without "lib" somewhere in the path
which I don't want. The only way I can think around this is to run on the
source server "find /apps/IRDtools/pkgs -name lib -type d" and pipe the
output of that into an rsync "--files-from=-" . I haven't actually tried
this as the directory structure under /apps/IRDtools/pkgs can get quite big
and although I'm not overly concerned about speed it would be neater to do
this all within rsync. A sample directory is below:


I want to copy this to the same path on the local machine. Anyone got any

Help much appreciated,

David Carter-Hitchin.

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