I am using rsync to try and keep the development environment on 4 machines

I am using Rsync version 2.6.4 under Debian Sarge

I am trying to sync between real servers and vmware ones so the time stamps
could be an issue but I have set the vmware machines to update time via ntp
on a regular basis and made the --modify-window=2010 so I thought I should be

The problems I have encountered are:

1) If I do a full sync with deletions rsync wants to delete a huge number of
entries in the dev directory that by rights it should not touch. The date and
time stamp are identical between the 2 systems the file sizes are identical.
The permissions are the same but it still leave some dev entries intact and
then deletes the rest.

2) The same problem as number 1 in that files that are on both the source and
destination exist but rsync deletes a whole pile of files particularly alot
of stuff from /etc/logwatch or /etc/webmin. There are many other instances of

3) If I am trying to keep the /etc/directories in sync, rsync does weird
things with the passwd, group and assosiated shadow files (eg copies the
passwd firle but won't copy the shadow file). In order to make it work I have
to exclude these files but i really want these synced as part of what is
happening is users are being set up and I don't want to have to manually
create these on each machine

3) I have excluded things like /proc /sys and various encryption keys from
various locations but I seem to have to exclude alot more to make it even
half way workable. Is there some issue with tryign to keep 2 running machines
in sync this way?

An example of the rsync command I am executing is:
rsync --verbose --progress --stats --compress --archive --sparse --devices
--delete-after --update --delay-updates --partial --ipv4 --modify-window=2010
--include-from=/root/scripts/rsync/inclusions --delete --backup
--backup-dir=/mnt/data/backup/rsync --partial-dir=.rsync-partial
--temp-dir=/mnt/data/rsync/tmp --bwlimit=35 --dry-run --one-file-system /

I would like to know if I am doing something wrong here or it if

Best Regards
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