on the client i am running the following command:

rsync -Cav --exclude=templates_c --port=8738 GNE_FRAMEWORK gamespot_5

on the server i have the following module declaration:

path = /nfs/htdocs
read only = no
use chroot = no
exclude = gamespot_5/promos/ gamespot_5/misc/

obviously my intent is to prevent the "promos" and "misc" subdirectories
from being copied from client to server. this is not functioning
though. what do i have to do to get it to work?

my logfile shows this:

2005/10/07 09:38:45 [31991] rsync to nfs/gamespot from
c10-gs-dev1.cnet.com (
2005/10/07 09:38:45 [31991] gamespot_5/
2005/10/07 09:38:45 [31991] gamespot_5/promos/
2005/10/07 09:38:45 [31992] wrote 32 bytes read 23896 bytes total size

clearly it's not paying any attention to the exclude.


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