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> Sent: Friday, September 16, 2005 8:14 PM
> Subject: Re: probbable generator hang bug in rsync
> Hi,
> (Sorry for starting a new thread, i found it on web archives, and i don't

have the list history because i've just subscribed).
> I just wanted to say i'm having exactly the same problem, through openVPN,

when the rsync client is stopped with SIGINT (and possibly by other means
such as > network outage?).
> The rsync daemon process endlessly loops on select() timeouts but never

exits (timeout is set to 300 seconds - 5 minutes).
> Since the rsync client is launched frequently from cron (files change

frequently and i need recent backups), i've configured max connections on
the daemon to 1 in > order to avoid overlapped rsync's, but the timeout
problems breaks this.
> Moreover, i couldn't find an easy way to detect & terminate (sigkill

doesn't stop it) the faulty daemon process, i'm stuck
> Is there a way to resolve this in rsync, although this doesn't seem to be

rsync related problem?

The problem dissapeared since i've setup a second module on rsync daemon.
Maybe it finally is an rsync related problem?

PS: sorry for html in previous mail :/

-- vv

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