> Wow, that's unexpected. I had thought that the connection from the
> stunnel process to the rsync process would have been a normal (albeit
> local) socket connection. Perhaps it is not? Or perhaps there is a bug
> that got triggered by this setup. The way rsync works, it has two
> separate processes accessing one socket (one reading, one writing), and
> both need to be notified of the EOF. It sounds like the receiver got an
> EOF when reading (and terminated) but that the generator did not get
> told about the EOF when waiting around to write.
> ..wayne..

The connection between stunnel and rsync is just a normal socket connection.
I've also ran an stunnel server process on a different machine that then
connects to rsync on the server machine in an attempt to isolate any strangeness from
local connections. I get the same results of a hung generator process.

for clarity, the above test looks like this:

[rsync client]<-localhost->[stunnel process on client]<--local lan-->[stunnel process on server 1]<-internet->[rsync process on server 2]

Any suggestions on how to find out more of what's going on?
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