I am using rsync to synchronize files between a master server and
multiple clients
that share a SSH account. I am struggling right now to make the server
log what
files were transferred, and when the synchronization happens.

My setup follows.

The clients log to an ssh account configured to run a script as the
login shell:

(in ~/.ssh/authorized keys)

The script checks if the command is valid (and also if it points inside
somewhere allowed)
and at its end issues:

rsync --config=/home/igor/rsyncd.conf --daemon --server --sender -vr .

Unfortunately, from what I saw in an old message
in the archive, "rsync --daemon and ssh do not currently work together
at all".

The script works, but the config file seems to be ignored: there is a
log file definition inside it
and no logging takes place when I run the rsync command in the clients
(the process works
and the files are properly synchronized, though).

What I am missing? Is there any other way (besides a config file) to
make the server log
transfers to a file? If the answer is yes, please tell me...

Thanks for you patience,
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