On Tue, Sep 13, 2005 at 02:57:34PM -0300, Mario Tambos wrote:
> i can't use the process id alone, 'cause, although it identifies the
> block, it can be used again for other rsync excecution.

Firstly, PIDs on most systems don't repeat very quickly, so just using
a PID combined with the date should be unique enough for most purposes
(though you'd need some extra logic to avoid splitting a session that
crosses midnight). If that's not enough, you can note the distinct
starting message that rsync always uses at the start of a session
("rsync on mod/path from host...") and create a unique ID based on the
PID and the time of day when that occurs. You'd then map all other
messages with that PID to your unique ID up until a starting message
is seen again for that PID, which would create a new PID -> unique-ID

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