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On Fri, Sep 09, 2005 at 12:06:50PM -0600, Kevin Stussman wrote:
> We are using rsync to transfer Oracle redo logs from one system to
> another over a WAN/VPN. The problem we are having is that 1 out of about
> 500 or so files sent is corrupted. The receiving Oracle server produces
> a message like this:

> Comparing the md5sum on the two files (original and sent copy)
> produces different hashes, but the byte sizes are the same.


> My questions are:
> - Has anyone had any similar problems with rsync and transferring oracle
> redo logs?

I've seen problems with our SuSE Linux installation- and updateserver. After
moving to a bigger disk I had trouble with SuSE complaining about corrupted

To moved the data by copying everything to an other machine and back, but
I do not remember the details how this happened. So I wasn't able to track =
problem down to it's cause yet. :-(

The corruption doesn't concerned the filesize in this case.

This happened on SuSE Linux 9.2 i686, maybe x86_64 too. I used the default
rsync that came with SuSE 9.2:

rsync version 2.6.3pre1 protocol version 28
Copyright (C) 1996-2004 by Andrew Tridgell and others

Capabilities: 64-bit files, socketpairs, hard links, acls, symlinks, batchf=
inplace, IPv6, 64-bit system inums, 64-bit internal inums, SLP

I'm going to have a look at that now :-/

cu, Stefan
Stefan Nehlsen | ParlaNet Administration | sn@parlanet.de | +49 431 988-1260

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