On Fri, Sep 09, 2005 at 03:57:41PM +0800, Reddragon Wang wrote:
> rsync -az -e "ssh -l user" user@ /data/sql.gz

That command duplicates the -l option to ssh -- you don't need to
manually specify the "-l user" option when you use the "user@" prefix.

> It would stop transmitting file when it had finished about 80% of
> transfer. It would stop there, doing nothing. I don't know how to
> resolve this problem, anyone has any hints?

Is cygwin involved? If so, it has a known problem with its pipe
processing that causes piped data to be lost, which causes rsync to
hang. If cygwin is not involved, you should look at the issues and
debugging page on the website for some debugging hints:


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