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I have released rsync 2.6.3pre2 -- the second (and final) pre-release
version of 2.6.3. Please help out with the testing so that the code
gets a good workout before 2.6.3 is released. (Note that this version
will not be in testing for as long as 2.6.3pre1 was -- I'd like to get
it released in a week or two, if possible.)

To see what has changed since 2.6.2, read this text file:


The list of what has changed since 2.6.3pre1 is as follows:

- Fixed the combination of --inplace and --backup to work properly.
Also optimized this combination to use the backup file as the basis
file for a more optimal transfer.

- Improved the combination of --keep-dirlinks and --delete so that only
symlinks-to-directories on the receiver that match a real directory
on the sender are treated as if they were a real directory. This
eliminates some weird delete behavior for symlinks that point inside
the transferred hierarchy.

- Also added support for the RSYNC_PARTIAL_DIR environment variable
that, when found, transforms a regular --partial option (such as
the convenient -P option) into one that also specifies a directory.

- Added the ability to parse a literal IPv6 address in an "rsync:" URL
(e.g. rsync://[2001:638:500:101::21]:873/module/dir).

- The "backed up ..." message that is output when at least 2 --verbose
options are specified is now the same both with and without the
--backup-dir option.

- The file-list that is output when at least 4 verbose options are
specified reports the uid value on the sender even when rsync is
not running as root (since we might be sending to a root receiver).

- Fixed a typo in the RERR_VANISHED error message.

- We once again allow --include/--exclude options to be specified on
the server's command-line, even though rsync doesn't use this
combination itself (other software does). The parsing of these
options now ensures that a daemon transfer can't be told to use a
file that was excluded in the module's config section.

- We now reject the combination of --inplace with either --compare-dest
or --link-dest (since the rsync protocol will need to be extended to
tell the server when the generator is using an adjunct file as the
basis-file and when it is using the destination file directly).

- Fixed a bug that could cause a slow-to-connect rsync daemon to die
with an error instead of waiting for the connection to finish.

- Fixed a problem with --delete-after not happening if 2.6.3 was
talking to an rsync older than 2.5.6 as the receiver.

To download a copy, use one of these links:



The diffs no longer include the "patches" subdir (since including them
makes the diffs double in size). If you want an updated set of patches
without grabbing the tar file, you can use rsync to update the patches
dir in your rsync source using this command:

rsync -av --delete rsync://rsync.samba.org/ftp/unpacked/rsync/patches ~/src/rsync/


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