Hi All,

I'm using rsync to track users directories in a drop box and using the
log to do additional processing for each file I rsync to another
machine. I need to track who submitted the file in the log, so I
tried rsync like this:

rsync -c -p -r --log-format="%f %u" src-dir dest-dir

However, the log looks like this:

oss/017/foo/newfile.txt %u
oss/018/new.2 %u
oss/018/new.3 %u

I'm using Mac OSX 10.3.2 / Darwin 7.2.0
rsync version 2.5.7 protocol version 26
Installed via Fink 0.18 using 2.5.7-1 from cvs

Any ideas? Is this just broken? I see in man rsyncd.conf:

o %u for the authenticated username (or the null string)