I have been looking for information for the better part of a week on how to set up multiple concurrent FTP connections using OpenSSH SFTP on a windows 2003 server. We are currently using Windows FTP have have 8 FTP sites all running at the same time on different ports, all set to different home directories. I have been tasked with using only an SFTP solution to move to a secure ftp method. Can OpenSSH have several SFTP sites running on different ports at the same time on a single server?

My requirements are the multiple FTP sites concurrently, home directories set to network shares (UNC path method preferable, not mapped drive letters) and passing Windows authentication. I would think there has to be an SFTP solution that can do everything Windows FTP could, but if its not OpenSSH, I have not found it yet. Any suggestions of products would be greatly appreciated if you are currently doing this in your environment.

Thanks in advance.