Hello all,

I have a small (class-c fast ethernet) home network (a dozen nodes)
running on an AD domain under Windows 2000 Advanced Server. My ISP
recently migrated their local network from a local vendor's backbone to
their own which forced their customers to point to a different DNS
server. Aside from the usual outage headaches associated with such a
change, I have found that one particular wireless laptop (Dell inspiron
1100) running Windows XP Pro v 2002 is having intermittent problems
resolving URLs. Firefox has a "lookup up ..." message in the lower left
hand corner of the browser window when this happens. This is
unpredictably sporadic as sometimes it is able to resolve, sometimes not.
Periods of resolution can average minutes to a half an hour, periods of
non-resolution usually last hours. Rebooting isn't effective.

Route to internet: Laptop -> U.S. Robotics wireless router (54/125mbps)
-> unmanaged distribution switch -> router/firewall -> cable modem ->

This configuration worked flawlessly for several years and only started
having problems after the network migration.

The laptop originally procured it's IP address from a DHCP server running
on the domain controller. I flushed dns, released the IP, and
reregistered to no avail. On the advice of a colleague I reconfigured to
a static IP, was able to connect this morning, but this afternoon I am
unable to resolve again.

An interesting symptom, when experiencing the period of non-resolution, I
can open an NSLOOKUP session with the DNS server and resolve, for
example, google.com, but when trying to ping it from a command prompt or
HTTP to it, resolution fails.

I am able to resolve URLs on every other computer, including a 54/125mbps
wireless workstation that takes the same route to the Internet. Signal
strength is optimal, connection speed usually running 54mbps and
compression achieving the full 125mbps connection to my LAN.

I appreciate any assistance resolving my resolution problem ;-) Thanks!