Hi, I have a really crappy account for my site (explodingpickle.org)
with Lycos Tripod. All of the domains are registered through Lycos
Domains. I recently set up an account with EchoEchoPlus Hosting, and
registered the domain explodingpickle.com through it. But it doesn't
recognize the domain and says it's registered by some guy in Belgium.
I've started transferring my files to EchoEchoPlus, but right now I
have to use their subdomain, pickle.echoechoplus.com. Tripod allows you
to terminate the account. If I did that, could I log in to Lycos
Domains and change the domain (explodingpickle.org) so it points to
pickle.echoechoplus.com? Would it cost any money? Is there a cheaper
way to do it, keeping the explodingpickle.org domain pointing to my
EchoEchoPlus subdomain?