I just went to the NSI web site deleted two nameservers and added two
nameservers for the nber.org domain. I got a nice confirmation on the
NSI website that indicated the correct names and IP addresses for the
the new configuration. But a minute later I got an email from NSI,
saying that my new nameservers were NS97.WORLDNIC.COM and
NS98.WORLDNIC.COM. Needless to say, those were not the nameservers I
specified. Am I going to lose all connectivity? When? I wrote sbout
the mistake to customerservice at networksolutions.com, but given past
experience I don't really expect a reply. Are there any
agencies/gobetweens/fixers/etc that can be engaged to deal with NSI?

[I should add that in theory this domain has been transferred to
register.com, but NSI still hands out its idea of the nameserver IPs,
rather than letting register.com do so. register.com has the right

Daniel Feenberg
feenberg is at nber dotte org