Diginomics wrote:

> The TLD (Top Level Domain) Reformation or The 18,252 Proposal

> There is nothing new in a recent .XXX proposal and clearly reflects
> the need to push purely adult content out of the business orientated
> .COM "extension" or TLD (Top Level Domain).

I had once suggested a separate port number be allocated for
such. It is much easier to filter on port number than TLD.

In any case, I would expect it to be self regulating. What
self respecting porn site doesn't want everyone to know that
it is a port site?

The software seems to support blanks in domain names. I once
had to debug a system which had an extra blank at the end
of the domain line in /etc/resolv.conf that it apparently
was sending out and the "edu " TLD doesn't exist.

Also, .tv is a valid country code and has nothing to do with
the popular electronic appliance.

-- glen