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"Andrea Chen" wrote in message
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> glen herrmannsfeldt wrote in message

> > I don't know how jumpline works, but if you register directly
> > with tucows, it seems that you end up with domaindirect as the
> > host site. (I think it is two names for the same company.)
> >
> > domaindirect has an account called a "personal identity account"
> > that sounds like what you want for $34.99 for one year.

> Thanks, Glen. Jumpline is basically a reseller for Tucows. When I
> need tech support it's Jumpline that responds. When I manage my
> domain online it's opensrs.net, which is Tucows.
> What I've learned is that all I have is a domain name with no DNS
> services (if I bought website space from Jumpline, I would have gotten
> DNS). I'm going to go with gratisdns.de , it seems to have what I
> (think I) need.
> -andrea-