Hello Everyone,

Word of warning, I a smart, computer literate person, but a total
newbie when it comes to this stuff.

I'm running WindowsXP Professional and IIS 5.1. I'm getting married in
the fall and just want to set up a little web page where I can put all
kinds of stuff about the wedding. I just registered a ".net" domain
name (on Yahoo!, if that's relevant) for the site. I have a broadband
connection with a static IP address. I have a router distributing
traffic to my PC, my laptop, and an Internet phone.

I set up my virtual servers for TCP on port 80 in my router to point to
my PC, and I can now see my Web page from any computer by typing in the
IP address of the router. I can set up Yahoo! to automatically forward
traffic from my domain name to that IP address, but then users who type
in my domain just see the IP, not the nice domain name.

How do I (or can I) set up my computer so that you see www.example.net
with my content?

Also, is this the best newsgoup to post this question to or is there a
better place?


P.S. Please CC my actual email address when you reply.