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> dnslife posted their thoughts, then I offered mine
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> >>> Here is our new site. It will take everyone to make it happen.
> >>>
> >>> www.dnslife.com
> >>
> >> What's it do?

> >
> > then don't connect to it.

> I think Herb's question was a valid question. I don't understand why you
> responded that way since you're trying to promote it.
> Assumingly you are the admin for this "thing" you're trying to promote,
> IMHO, with all due respect, blowing off a valid question such as this would
> probably turn off many folks to even bother checking it out, and may help to
> explain to the public what it's all about, instead of a seemingly spammed
> post.
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that response was meant for another individual. i sincerely apologize.
I tried to correct it but it was too late.