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Bert wrote:
>If I may beg the assistance of the group, I have a question:
>We own a DNS domain, let's say and our ISP hosts the DNS
>zone for this domain. The network team at our headquarters manages
>the zone. We have contracted with a web design group to create and
>host, on their physical servers and site, a site for our business
>unit. I have the IP address for the new site. When I asked our
>network group to add a record for the new site and point it to the IP
>address of the design groups server, they said they could not. The
>reason, we cannot have a DNS record in our domain that points to an IP
>address owned by another entity. Is this correct? I have never been
>aware of restrictions on DNS records pointing to IP addresses. Am I
>just loosing my mind?? Any info would be appreciated.

Get a new network group. The one you have now are idiots.

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