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>If I may beg the assistance of the group, I have a question:
>We own a DNS domain, let's say and our ISP hosts the DNS
>zone for this domain. The network team at our headquarters manages
>the zone. We have contracted with a web design group to create and
>host, on their physical servers and site, a site for our business
>unit. I have the IP address for the new site. When I asked our
>network group to add a record for the new site and point it to the IP
>address of the design groups server, they said they could not. The
>reason, we cannot have a DNS record in our domain that points to an IP
>address owned by another entity. Is this correct?

No, there's no technical reason at all why this cannot be done. Your
ISP may have an administrative rule against doing this, but there's
nothing _technical_ which forbids it.

My own domain's server lives in IP space which is the responsibility
of my employer. My home domain's primary server lives in IP space
which is owned by my home ISP ( Both work just

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