This might be the wrong NG for this question, but here goes...

I have a linksys NAT router with allows pcs on my home network to access the
broadband connection. I also have a server running a Windows AD domain
which i would like to autenticate to when i log onto workstations within the
house. when i set up the router to handle DNS (the DNS names handed to it
by the ISP as i cant access any web sites if i specify a local DNS server on
my network for obvious reasons) it works fine to access the net, and i can
access my server by using the system name (start => run => \\ComputerName or
http://ComputerName) and see the file shares. When i try to access the
shares, it ass for user name & pw as is should so i enter my Windows Domain
login details and it all works. Now for the bit that doesnt work....

When i use the setup above to try and use the Windows logon on the
workstations in the house to connect to the domain, i get the message
"domain controller cannot be found". As soon as i log on locally and
navigate to the server, it finds it and asks for the domain login and then
authenticates as normal.

My question is how can i get my workstations to authenticate with my domain
controller at logon?

Changing the DNS hosts on the Router to be my local server is not a option
because as soon as i do that, the internet connection becomes useless as any
URL's typed in cannot be resolved by my little servers DNS and i get a 404.

This has been bugging me for ages now as im having to create accounts for
people on each and every machine locally.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.