Malte Starostik writes:

>does anyone know if and where there is a complete list of TLDs, country code
>TLDs and second level domains for those CCTLDs that always have a 2nd


>client's host name. Like if my host is called the
>implementation first tries to lookup and A or CNAME record for wpad.aa.a
>, then, then but not
>, or wpad.

You better solve this via resolver mechanisms. Any attempt to collect and
maintain such a list has a pretty high chance of failure, because the
registry-like 2nd level domains are not the only ones to take care of.
Instead of basing the decision on knowing or guessing which domain names
are out of the clients's control it should use positive knowledge (i.e.
explicitly list those which it knows can be "trusted" as sources of service).
See RFC 1535 for a more detailed discussion.