I have several machines with same kind of IP adresses 10.2.XXX.XXX.
They have all the same subnet mask, the same gateway. They are all
connected to the same switch. They can all ping themselves. They have
all the same property ''Link speed and duplex''=auto-detect.
All the machines can ping machines with IP adresses 10.1.XXX.XXX
except 1 computer. And this is my problem.
When this computer (@IP=10.2.XXX.XXX) try to ping machines with
10.1.XXX.XXX IP adresses, the following output appears:
hardware error
hardware error
hardware error
hardware error
The computer who can not ping has the following operating system:
microsoft windows xp professional x64 edition version 2003 sp1
This is a new machine which I installed last week.
Can you tell me why this computer cannot ping 10.1.XXX.XXX adresses?
Is there a problem with filters in the firewall of windows?
Thanks for your help.