Hi Everyone,
I'm attempting to implement a 'miniscule' RTP library specfic for my
intentions in a VOIP application i'm making.
i implemented some code for the header as outlined in RFC3550 but when
i send the data its size is always equal to 20bytes, even though all
of the fields are set to 0 and the payload (the char field) separately
is 38 bytes of audio.

did i set up the header incorrectly, perhaps use the wrong types? any
help would be appreciated. code:

typedef struct{
unsigned int v: 2;/*rtp version*/
unsigned int p: 1; /*rtp padding*/
unsigned int x: 1;/*extension bit*/
unsigned int cc: 4;/*csrc count*/
unsigned int m: 1;/*marker bit*/
unsigned int pt: 7;/*payload type*/
unsigned int sn: 16;/*sequence number*/
unsigned int ts: 32;/*time stamp*/
unsigned int ssrc: 32;/*synchronization source*/
unsigned int csrc: 32;/*contributing sources max 15*/
char *encoded_audio;/*i think i can do this compiler doesn't

Thank you,