(Apologies if this is inappropriate for the group - I've seen SCTP
related posts here before and see no general SCTP related group.)

Using SCTP, in either one-to-one or one-to-many scenarios, is there a
way to receive messages from a specific stream? (i.e. To isolate a
specific stream, so that messages from other streams are not
interleaved, as they are if I just do a recv() or sctp_recvmsg().)

I keep thinking this is a dumb question - but haven't been able to
find the dumb answer!

I've tried setting the sctp_sndrcvinfo.sinfo_stream member in the
sctp_recvmsg() call and (not suprisingly) that is ignored. (I do have
data_io_events enabled - e.g. I do get the stream# the data was sent
to when the sctp_recvmsg() returns.) I have not tried setting the
"control" information to be used with a recvmsg() call - would that

Is this capability just not doable with some/all SCTP implementations
(I'm using Solaris 10), or am I just not doing it right??