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Dennes wrote:

> We have just replaced our existing DSL based VPN solution with a metro
> ethernet one, connecting our 3 sites together over 10Mbit links.
> Now i just have a simple question.
> The telco setup the metro ethernet (layer 2 multipoint ethernet
> connection between the 3 sites) and installed Nortel 1400 ESM switches
> at each site. After that, they were gone and could'nt tell me how to
> further configure it.

> If i'm right, i actually have an ethernet link between every site, but
> i cannot just plug the Nortels in the existing switches at each site
> since all sites are on a different subnet, right?

> So do i need an ethernet router at each site, connected between the
> Nortel (WAN) and the existing LAN and setup another new subnet for the
> "WAN net"? But what would i use as gateway at the wan ip side?

The common configuration has your router as a leaf node, with only
one upstream router. That isn't the case that you describe.

Some Linksys routers have a configuration setting called Gateway/Router.
Gateway being the default setting with one upstream router, Router
allowing static or dynamic (RIP) routes to multiple routers.

To work right, each router needs to know the address of each other
router, and the (sub)nets reachable through that router.

-- glen