Hopefully a wise person in this forum can help? I configured VPN access
to my home with DynDNS and PPTP, the issue is I can only communicate with
machines on LAN via IP addresses, (not system names ), when using VPN. In
the past, I solved this VPN IP/NAME lookup problem one of two ways.

1) Hard coding static IP addresses for each system (XP Professional system)
and adding an entry in LMHOSTS.
2) Configuring a "Wins" server on Windows 2003 and pointing each XP Professional
system at the wins server. Yes, The Windows 2003 server is on all the time.

However, I'd like to move away from hard coded static IP addresses, having
to leave a system on all the time to accept/send wins requests, and having
to use a Windows server. Currently, at home I only have Windows XP systems
each configured to use DHCP (DHCP clients). I'd like to install an application
that can run on Windows XP that will advertise it's current IP and system
name to me during a VPN session. The software should also make this IP Address/Name
lookup totally transparent. Typically I turn on a particular system (only
when needed) and access it via PPTP VPN.

Does anyone have a good solution to this problem? Perhaps commercial software
or a reasonably priced cable/router-firewall that acts as a true "wins" server.
This way I can point all my Windows XP machine to the cable/router-firewall
for "wins" lookups. Many routers today are only configured to point to a
wins server but do not have wins server functionaity built in. This will
be a great feature to add into vpn routers.

Thank You