Hi All,

I am working on my version of the ping command and in my program I am
creating and sending ICMP echo packets. However, I noticed that when
the seq # and ICMP ID both are either 0 or 1, the ping times out. Can
someone explain why this happens? My platform is AIX.

icp->icmp_type = ICMP_ECHO;
icp->icmp_code = 0;
icp->icmp_seq = ident;
icp->icmp_id = ident; /* ID */
start = 8; /* skip 8 for
time */

/* Compute ICMP checksum here */
icp->icmp_cksum = in_cksum((u_short *)icp, cc);

if icp->icmp_seq and icp->icmp_id are either 0 or 1, then the request
times out ..

Any help is much appreciated ..