DNS/SMTP/POP3/telnet <- what is the packet here called?
Images, text, data presentation, mpg, mp3, wav, etc <= file formats
NFX, RPC, SQL <= query information (?)
TCP headers/UDP headers (port numbers) <= headers/segments
IP packets/IPX packets (ip details, source/destination) <= packets/routing
Data Link:
MAC addresses <= frames/framing
wire, hubs, repeaters <= binary

I'm guessing that the stuff at the application layer gets called
request and response headers (at least for an http session).
Are there any other names for the information at the Application
Layer? And anyone able to direct me into right area so as to
pull the information out of the data at this layer? For instance, I
want to get to the DNS name out of this layer of information
(Microsoft Windows API).

Thanks much.

Jim Carlock
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