Is there anyone who knows how to implement this project, and what r all
necessary thing to be considered while doing this project.....

The idea of this project is to implement a filter at layer 2
(Ethernet). The user will be given a command line utility and he can
add and remove rules into this filter. Depending on the rule decision
needs to be made on the current Ethernet frame. Following is the

1. The L2F gets started when the Linux Kernel boots up.
2. The user is given a command line utility with the following
1. -add -s -d
3. Once the user enters adds the rule the L2f will add a node to its
internal linked list. The L2F need to capture the Ethernet frame and
extract source and destination mac addresses. If it matches any of the
existing rules it should perform that action. The linked list should
take care of all error conditions.