I wrote a couple articles on the subject awhile back and am sharing
them here for any
members working with the IT requirements for Supply Chain Management

Both are too long to post here so to read the entire article visit
these links [link & intro provided} :


"Deploying an Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution that provides the
intended return on investment requires that the applications, servers,
and enterprise network infrastructure work together seamlessly. This is
easier said than done and will necessitate a thorough evaluation of
your bandwidth needs to meet the demand."


"The key to a successful SCM implementation is a clear understanding of
the business objectives and business requirements of the company the
SCM primarily supports. This often includes a number of legacy systems
which need to be integrated into the solution. From this will come the
technical objectives to be met and the technical requirements that
frame the solution. Only then will the commmunication requirements for
bandwidth capacity, reliability, resiliancy, latency, security, and
expandability be meaningful."

God Bless,
Michael Lemm
FreedomFire Communications