JoSH Lehan wrote:
> A question about dividing Subnet 127 for local/internal use, such as in
> a cluster of computers, where only one computer has a connection to the
> outside world.

> Has someone tried this already? I Googled but couldn't come up with
> anything.

> The idea is that since all that is really needed in Subnet 127 is the
> address, you set up the localhost interface on all machines
> to just cover that address, not the entire /8 subnet.

The only time I ever did that, was with HP-UX when I had an OS
configure for three ethernet interfaces running on a system
with one. I put 127.1 and 127.2 nets on the unused interfaces,
and it made the system happy. There was no hardware there,
so I didn't worry about any packets being sent out.

-- glen