Hi. Im learning thingds about switches and hubs and routers. I have this


a) If A sends data to G, which stations receive a copy ?

My answer: I think D,E and G, but only G station will pass data to upper

b) If B starts to send data to E and at the same time D starts to send
data to F, will be there collision ?

My answer: I think so, because Switch A and station D are connected to a
Hub, so they are on same collision domain. When switch re-send data it
can collision with D.

c) B start to send data to E, and at the same time C starts to send data
to G, will be there a collision ?

My answer: I dont think so, because B and C are connected to a switch,
and all computers connected to a switch can start transkissions
simultaneously, because switch separates collision domains. In this
example, switch A will send first data from B, and after that data from C.

d) On this picture


Id A sends an Ethernet broadcast, what stattions will receive a copy of
that broadcast ?

My answer: I think A,B,C,D,E Because router stops broadcast data.
But I doubt if A station will also receive a copy of its own broadcast

Any suggestion on these questions ???